Wing SnipShot Toolbox Update

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Wing SnipShot Toolbox Update

Post by pvannatto »

Hi everyone,

I have just released an update to the Wing Snipshot Toolbox.
* A snipshot is my term for a partial snapshot that functions like an X32 snippet.
* The converter tool now converts in both directions - X32 scenes to Wing snapshots, and Wing snapshots to X32 scenes.
* Added is a new basic Wing snapshot parser.

As always, suggestions, bug and issue reports and questions are welcome.
Paul Vannatto
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Re: Wing SnipShot Toolbox Update

Post by GaryH »

@pvannatto Fantastic! Thanks for your hard work. Hope to use it soon. I need to spend some quality time with my Wing period. I’ve been using everything but it of late. Have not really even checked out (it’s loaded) the latest firmware yet.
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