Remix Competition: Daywave's Potions

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Remix Competition: Daywave's Potions

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Some time ago there was a mixing contest that I entered. I knew I had no chance of winning because these days "remixing" means adding some beat loop and basically turning everything into a hip-hop mashup. Nevertheless, I wanted to do my own cut of it.

I know a New Wave tune when I hear one. I mixed hundreds of these records in Boston in the 80s. This time though, I could do anything I wanted. So, I added lots of other tracks and turned it into a real 80s retro tune. I redid the drums with a DR-880 (7 tracks) and MIDI sync. I added 6 tracks of guitars and 8 tracks of keyboards. I edited the song for content and added a guitar solo section. All guitars and keyboard parts performed personally, in real-time.

I mixed the tune in real-time with X32ReaperAutoMate on my Behringer X32 console and moving fader automation using the audio engines and built-in effects - entirely within the X32 environment. No plugins or DAW envelopes.

Here is the link to my mix page: ... mix/154647
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