DP48 Sound Problem

DP48, Hub4 mixing eco-system
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DP48 Sound Problem

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Have a sound problem with the DP48. My Dp48 would make my solo guitar sound like Im playing under water..I discovered that the problem is with the Compressor..once it was off the sound was OK, However my drummer now has the same problem but all compression etc is off? He has to turn the guitar off in his mix? Anyone else suffer from this problem?
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Re: DP48 Sound Problem

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There is more than one compressor in the DP48. The one you probably changed is for the specific group. But there also is one for the mix. If you can't figure it out for him, export the DP48 mix (press Setup and SD-REC buttons together, then Write, then select a group - eg. 12) to a file on the SD card. Transfer that SD card to a computer and go into the DP48M folder and get the preset file (eg. dp48_sd_pre_12.bin) and attach it to your next post. I'll load it into one of my DP48 and have a look and see if I can find the issue.
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