S16 and wired in ears

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S16 and wired in ears

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I am running a x32 connected to s16 connected to ha8000 I'm ear Amp. I have u4 wireless in ears plugged into x32 out puts 1 through 8. I'm trying to run 9 through 16 outputs to the s16 to be connected from out put 1-8 on s16 to the direct inputs for each individual channel on the ha8000. The wireless inears have independent volume control for their respective mix. But for some reason my 9-16 wired in ears are being affected by the front of house mix and have no volume difference if foh is up and volume Is adjusted for each mix. It only adjust if I adjust front of house. Routing appears to be right.
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Re: S16 and wired in ears

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If outputs 9-16 are affected by the FOH adjustments, it means that the taps (on the Routing, Out 1-16 screen) for those outputs are set to post fader. Change each of the taps to pre-fader, pre-EQ, etc.
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