Snapshots/Scenes Don't Load Properly

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Snapshots/Scenes Don't Load Properly

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Short Version: When I load snapshots/scenes, the saved settings do not take effect in the mix until I move the digital faders.

Long Version: My church has been using an XR18. We mix from a PC and an IPad. Things worked well until we switched to a new PC. The people who switched the PCs saved the scene from the old PC and loaded it up on the new PC, and everything appears to load correctly although I've noticed some slight differences in the interface which makes me think the New PC has a newer version of the software than the old.

Here's where things get weird. Every time I load a scene/snapshot, everything appears to load correctly. The digital faders and labels all change exactly as they should. However, this doesn't actually affect the mix until I grab the digital faders and move them, so if I load a scene with the band instruments all unmuted, up on the faders, and ready to go, I will hear nothing through house until I grab each fader and move it up or down. This applies to every fader including main levels, masters, mixes, and FX. Many times, I have gone through and reset every fader until the system is working properly and then saved it as a new scene, but each time the new scene is loaded, I have to wiggle the faders once more.

I've also noticed that changes on the PC mixing app are not showing up on the IPad app, but the changes on the IPad app are reflected on the PC. Perhaps this is a related issue.

So what the crap do I do about this? It's fine as long as I'm there, but it wreaks havoc when I'm not.
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