Repair Histories

Various tips for out of warranty equipment repairs
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Repair Histories

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There are 12+ X/M's in my sphere. Ages range from absolute first generation to NIB. Repairs thus far have been 1 screen replacement on a 2yr old Compact, a handful of XLRF replacements because of broken locking tabs, and an Aux card replacement on a full size X32. The Aux card went south because of a factory mis-loomed left headphone cable inside the console was pinched against a metal edge. Enough leans-on-console eventually shorted the amplified headphone signal, sending unwanted audio voltage to chassis -grounded TRS of Aux panel. (I imagine. I'm not a tech) I gambled on a new Aux board swap & returned console to 100%.

The biggest fear I have is PSU failure. (A holdover from 1980's Soundcraft experiences). Thus far, with thousands (tens of thousands?) of hours on these consoles, I have yet to hear on any.

What is your experience?
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Re: Repair Histories

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This is going to be a great resource. Thank you for suggesting this forum.
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Re: Repair Histories

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I would imagine that any PSU failure would be the usual electrolytic cap failures that affect many switch mode power supplies.
It would be a cheap fix if we can identify which ones are the usual suspects.

If someone had a failed one they'd be willing to send me then I'd take a look.

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