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Wiki Integration

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By now most of you have probably noticed a change in the main menu, which now links to an integrated Wiki (with a "home" icon) and a new "Forum Home" menu choice that is the main index for the forum.

The Powers That Be (the moderators and admins upon whom I rely) are preparing to populate this Wiki with vital information for the Behringer World community.

The Wiki is set up so that any registered user of Behringer World has editing capability of the Wiki. Unless this privilege is abused and this policy has to be changed (and I don't see why it would be) this will allow anyone to add to the knowledge base of the Wiki. But, there is a structure and syntax to the Wiki and it's important that those who would contribute to the Wiki, understand how to use it. Please review the items found in the Sitemap: The Sitemap is always available in the upper right of every displayed page. Of particular interest will be the section on Namespaces: Adherence to the structure will ensure that this Wiki will increase in value over time as it wil be neatly organized and easy to search and navigate.

I realize that the way the links to the Wiki and the Forum Home (index) are not ideal. The links are set up this way because for the most part, forums like this are part of a main website. So, the administrator of such a forum would put the main website URL in the link associated with the "home" icon. Then the secondary link would be the forum index. In the case of Behringer World, the forum is the main site, so the standard configuration doesn't really work. This makes the Wiki look like it is the main site. This will have to do for the time being because the forum software doesn't allow easy editing of the menu structure. There is an add-on extension that may do the job but it does require some coding. I'm not sure it's worth doing that way. As always I'm open to suggestions and it is likely that someone else knows how to accomplish this better than I do.

Thank you for your patience as we develop this part of the site. I also want to thank all of you for making Behringer World a valuable resource for the world-wide community of Behringer/Music Tribe product users.
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