Cellular Phone Specifications for Flow 8

The new Flow8 digital console
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Cellular Phone Specifications for Flow 8

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I have a question about the Flow 8 Mixer: I want to buy one of those, but I do not want to use my personal cell phone for it. I was thinking about buying a cheap smartphone just for the mixer and install only the app on it. Will it work ok? I was thinking about a Samsung Galaxy J7. Does it require much RAM memory? Also, will I need a sim card or be connected to an Wi-Fi? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Cellular Phone Specifications for Flow 8

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Greetings. The Flow8 uses BLUE TOOTH. so no sim required however you will need to load the app through wifi.
Regarding the phone, it will work ok with an older fone?
I wanted to do the same and so bought a Redmi note9 ... and sure it worked but the data transferring back to the Flow8 seemed ok ...however the phone itself was too slow to show the dB small Tags [per slider] which show up when you are moving a slider on the phone. I think the RAM size was too small? 3 gig on that particular fone.
mmm I hope that makes sense?
I used an old Huawei Mate9 and that was perfect.
And now I have switched to a Samsung FoldZ3 in the opened position and have a large surface and its absolutely perfect!
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