1204USB outboard compressor to create auto ducking

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1204USB outboard compressor to create auto ducking

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I am a newbie. I wish to create an auto ducking set up with my Xenyx 1204USB and MDX 1400 compressor / limiter.
I wish to cast ice hockey with crowd noise being dipped /ducked when a commentator speaks. I am looking for some help on the routing of cables to get a fire and forget setup... as I will be doing camera!

I have 1204 mixer with commentator going to ch1.
The crowd is on ch 2.
I have talkback on ch 3 which I want to send to the commentator's headset along with his own voice.
I wish to record/cast the mix of ch 1 and 2

The 1204 does not have insert sockets, so I think the way ahead is
Take the FX Send of Mike on ch 1 to the Sidechain input of the Compressor LEFT.
For Ch 2 only route the Aux send to the input of the compressor RIGHT.
Sync the compressor Left and Right channels
Take the output of compressor RIGHT back to the mixer in Channel 4 where I will mix the clean commentary (1) with the compressed / ducked crowd (4)
The main mix out put will then go to the record/stream.

That seems too complicated - is there a simpler way somone can map out for me?
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