Mixing Station Pro loading question

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Mixing Station Pro loading question

Post by dsealer »

When I load the app a Default mixer view loads, without any options. I did create my own mixer view but I don't know how to access it.
Here's what I'm doing.
I click on the Mixing Station Pro app.
Screen pops up and I choose Connect.
A Default mixer opens but there aren't any Icons to select.
If I minimize the mixer and then restore the mixer Icons appear.

From that point I can't figure out how to get rid of the mixer that loaded so I can load the mixer I created.

Can someone give me some advice or suggest a fix?
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Re: Mixing Station Pro loading question

Post by GaryH »

@dsealer Did you save your layout and layers? Look in app setup section (gear icon, and look in those layout and layers tabs. There is a folder icon top right, check that folder. I have a "default" listed but not sure I did it or it really is the app default. If your previous ones were not saved, you might have to reload the the whole thing. Layouts can get crazy fast. Not so bad a process to start over unless you spent hours creating your own.
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