X-usb split to multiple computers

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X-usb split to multiple computers

Post by farmerbud »

Our small church has an X32 with X-USB card. We currently run our livestream from the X32 to the computer through the card usb cable. Is there a way to split that output and go to 2 computers?
The current computer receives the camera input, the X32 input, runs Pro-Presenter for the slides, OBS for streaming, and is logged into YouTube. Our ProPresenter is version 6, so it does not livestream. YouTube is our only outlet.
The second computer would be for multi-track recording using Waves Tracks Live. Thanks in advance.
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Re: X-usb split to multiple computers

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Hi @farmerbud, welcome to the forum. Unfortunately, there is no possible way to split the USB from the X32 to multiple computers. The only solution is to consider installing the X-Dante card, which uses ethernet for the audio transfer. @GaryH is a Dante expert if you want to pursue that solution.
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