wapi for Windows, Linux, Pi, and now Mac users!!!

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wapi for Windows, Linux, Pi, and now Mac users!!!

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In the recent weeks, I've been adjusting the wapi library code to ensure it would compile correctly under Linux and ARM Pi systems, and now that this is done, @Roblof R. Lofgren has been kind enough to help with compiling and testing on Mac M1/Intel. We know have a complete set of libraries to propose to the programmer in you!

Some programs such as wxfade, wfdrvalues, low-level utility wbin, etc. have also been ported and tested on all 4 platforms, and although we can see slight differences in the way each operating system treat the very small TCP/IP packets that are sometimes (or often) transferring between WING and applications, things work pretty well!

I am waiting for the next release of FW from Behringer to fully release all versions of wapi to GitHub. If you have an urgent need for earlier use, let me know.

Thanks a lot Rob for your help with the Mac port!

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