W-Live recording - Issues with over 24 channels?

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Have you had issues with the 32-channel WAV files?

Poll ended at Thu Mar 16, 2023 4:46 pm

No - been just fine for me
Yes - I have see applications not read the files right
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W-Live recording - Issues with over 24 channels?

Post by MilSF1 »

Curious. Has anyone else had issues with the multichannel WAV files that the WING produces on in the W-Live SD cards? On macOS, I have some apps that indicate there are only 24 channels, while others show all 32. This may very will be an issue with my video editor (Resolve 18.1.4), but I wanted to check on this end too to see if perhaps others have seen this issue in other DAWs, etc.
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Re: W-Live recording - Issues with over 24 channels?

Post by thegeorgedougherty »

When I've used the live card I load the files into Reaper and explode them into individual tracks for rendering out. Personally, I'll just live with the 48 channel limit and record to a laptop over USB. Whatever I name a track in Reaper becomes the recorded filename for easier reference later. Virtual soundcheck would be easier with the WLive over getting routing correct through a DAW. Template files in Reaper have been a godsend from that end.
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Re: W-Live recording - Issues with over 24 channels?

Post by DavePallant »

I dont use MacOS but have successfully unpacked the 32 channels on Audacity on Windows 10. Might be worth trying Audacity on MacOS to see whether the 24 channel limit is a MacOS or Application limit.
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Re: W-Live recording - Issues with over 24 channels?

Post by thunfisch »

I've done a gig a few weeks ago where I used the W-Live to record 64 channels on two SD cards. Worked perfectly. I later loaded in the files into Reaper and used that to split them out to individual, stitched files to hand off to post-production. Rock-solid and stupid easy to setup. I had the 48 most important channels recorded via USB as well, which worked fine, and a copy of the 64 channels via internal Dante card to a second laptop, which sadly had underrun issues (probably due to shitty laptop).
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