Poly D - what is actually stereo, Chorus?

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Poly D - what is actually stereo, Chorus?

Post by otter »

I didn't notice an area for instruments or analog synths; I hope General is ok.
The Poly D has L and R out. It shows using one channel for brand practice or two for recording.
I'm wondering when L and R ever, actually differ, though....?
Is there stereo going on when you apply Chrous I or II?

It's been surprisingly difficult to find this information. I have one and was just wondering when (if ever) I'm missing out on anything using one channel and splitting it into dual mono (mainly practice, demo etc..., as I'll just go ahead and use both channels when recording.

I even upgraded from a Focusrite Scarlett Solo to a UA Volt 2 just to get both channels without one being balanced and the other unbalanced, lol.
But I like to really know.
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Re: Poly D - what is actually stereo, Chorus?

Post by GaryH »

Thanks for a new category! I don't own a Poly D but after reading this post I thought this: Is there a pan control for each sound/patch? Seems that would answer the question if yes then stereo if no dual mono? Just a thought...and perhaps not a good one :-)
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Re: Poly D - what is actually stereo, Chorus?

Post by MJKlein »

It wouldn't be pretty but I would probably just hook it up to 2 amps and sit in between to hear if there are any stereo FX happening.
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