X32Reaper *is not* X32ReaperAutoMate

Support for the free app X32Reaper. This is not the forum for X32ReaperAutoMate.
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X32Reaper *is not* X32ReaperAutoMate

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There's been several cases of confusion between X32Reaper and X32ReaperAutoMate.

X32Reaper is a free tool I created 6 years ago (maybe more) to use the X32 as a surface control for REAPER. At the time, I was disappointed at the X32 having only the 8 DCA faders to be usable as DAW control.

Overtime, the program grew bigger with a lot of features, but even if there are possibility with advanced routing and careful signal path management to use it in an hybrid mode, the basic statement is still the same: X32Reaper is for the X32 to be used as surface control for REAPER.

X32ReaperAutoMate has it's own forum section too here, and is a commercial tool for audio engineers, using the X32 in their Studio. I created that tool after many discussions with MJ Klein and the result is a tool for recording full automation of a mix done reading tracks from REAPER (or XLive) and mixing performed with the X32, using the X32 audio engine.

Because both programs use OSC and in some cases REAPER, there are several settings that can be similar, but the tools, their setup and final use are different. Beware!

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